Chef's Corner

Follow our Executive Chef as he blogs about his life as a chef. Chef's Corner features recipes, a behind-the-scenes look at the culinary profession, stories from the Habitat kitchen, and news and reviews from the Pittsburgh food scene - all with Chef Andrew's unique tongue-and-cheek style. If you love food, Pittsburgh and a healthy dose of sarcasm, read on!


Taste the World.

At Habitat, your table is set at the center of culture, cuisine
and community. Let us share with you how our Executive Chef
expertly blends locally-sourced ingredients to create a menu
that ranges from internationally-inspired to traditionally American.
With an atmosphere that is vibrant and comfortable,
Habitat is a place to call your own.

Habitat Extras

By Design

The food is internationally inspired and locally unique. The atmosphere is comfortable and sophisticated. The experience is one to share.


Habitat is committed to having a positive impact on our surroundings and focused on our responsible use of natural resources.

Downtown Pittsburgh

Habitat Restaurant is excited to be in the heart of the vibrant and exciting city of Pittsburgh.